lunes, 17 de enero de 2011

wake me up

Wake me up of a horrible nightmare, please wake me up, wake me up of this horrible and afoul nightmare, but, hold on, where are you? I’m alone. I wake up with tears in my eyes where I was? Why I fell so alone? I ask …I fell so lost and empty… them I remember, my dream was true, no it wasn’t a dream; that just can’t never be a dream. My nightmare that was what it was a nightmare. My nightmare was what was true. The tear’s that was in my eyes when I wake up was gone, but they wake from the inside of me, as the flowers and the animals in the spring when they wake of the cold dream of the winter. I start crying. There is nothing worse than see your worst nightmare become in true, or realize that your nightmare is already real. But it’s hard to accept the true when that happened. Is hard to accept even when your eyes and you’re hard said to you “no I matter how hard you wish it wasn’t but this, this not a dream or even a nightmare...” silence! You scream to your heart and your eyes, your heart and your soul you just not want accepted. “You’re lying yourself…”
And go to bed again, trying to sleep, knowing that couldn’t be. In place of that I start to think with no recess please, please, wake me up when of this nightmare, this horrible and afoul nightmare, this nightmare that is the reality

xD jaja si ya se lo puse en los tres blogs... jajaja so what? ^^ jaja :D ciao! (again) ^^

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